A daily email dedicated to reclaiming your spark, ditching the rules and being your awesome self.

Your entire life you have been told what to dream, who to become and how to live your life. 

The messages you received dictated what to value, where your focus should be and how to feel accepted and validated.

And the truth is that you’ve always felt like you are an outsider, a rebel, a renegade of sorts – you’ve secretly been dreaming about all the things you wanted to do and the person you want to be to make them happen. 

It’s time. 

I’ve decided to rebel against the rules of who we should be, how we should show up, what we should do and what feelings we should have. 

A word of caution: These emails can be life changing and may make you feel like you can conquer the world like a warrior not giving a hoot about what people will think of you and what you do. 


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