Whether you have done really well in your life or have done some big mistakes, you are always going to be judged.

Someone will always want to dig at your mistakes.
Someone will always question your success.
Someone will always challenge your integrity.
Someone will always throw their own mud at your truth.

So why not stop caring about what other people think and just do your thing.

And yes I know a thing or two about being judged.

Like the time I moved to the United States and my integrity was being questioned on why I was marrying an American, cause you know I did it to become an American and yet it’s taken me 25 years to decide to change my citizenship.

Or the time I shared my big dreams with someone and was told that I couldn’t have my cake and eat it too and I have been calling bullshit ever since. I can have the home I want, the partner that compliments me (note I don’t need anyone to complete me) and the career that lights me up every single day.

Or the time I am too transparent about my life or the time I am not transparent enough.

Or the time where I talk too much or maybe haven’t talked enough.

Or the time when I said I wasn’t a Christian or any specific path at all.

Or the one time when I was making spelling or grammar mistakes.

Or the one time that I drove a truck into a house while drunk.

You see people will always judge you and try to dig at your heels and tell you everything that is wrong with you and how you live your life or the message that you are sharing.

The key to step forward:

Do not hide! 
Don’t take it personally. 

Know that unhappy person will always look for the wrong in others. It gives them peace and solace in their own flaws.

I am by far from perfect, as a matter of fact, I love that I am a complete contradiction sometimes. And I love that I make mistakes because I get to learn and grow from them.

Just the other day someone described my office as the following: 

It’s a mix of a teenage boy and a teenage girl. And it made me laugh because not only is it true, but it totally speaks to my personality and how I go about life.

But what I recognized more than anything else is that I don’t really care what people think about my office. It’s my office and I work in it and when I am done with the setup, I know I am going to love every bit of it.

The time to step forward is now.
The time to stop hiding behind judgments has come.

It’s time that you rise above all the things that had you hiding.

You only have this one life to live.

Remember, you’re one decision away.


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