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Rebel Challenges

Every Month a New Challenge! Isn’t it time that you challenge yourself to embrace who you are in life and in business? 


Rebel Guides to help you start a business, create a blog and write your book!


Books to help you give yourself permission to create the life you want by following your dreams!

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Rebel's Academy

Rebel’s Academy online portal is the place and space to develop your business idea into a solid business.

Rebel's Kickstart

Part Mastermind, Accountability and Co-Working Community.

The time has come to start taking action and you don’t have to do it alone!

Rebel Shine Bootcamp

Mindset, Strategy and Guidance for Creative Rebels and Passionate who don’t want to live in a box and crave the support of a community!

5 Minutes to Freedom

A 6-week email coaching experience so you can create the life you want by making small changes every single day! 

Three Times Chaos

Unique and practical handmade creations from my hands to your heart!

Missing Twist

Sometimes quirky, sometimes sarcastic always inspired