Some days are really challenging or maybe most days are challenging, but it’s more manageable. And then, of course, there are days that really get the best of me.

It’s a gentle reminder of being human!

When working in a high energy requiring profession, coupled with special needs parenting – well talk about an emotional overwhelm.

I mean I can’t always have it all together – though I mostly wish I could.

Yet working in a demanding field and coming home where your kid (special needs or not) continues to put demands on your – where is the time for yourself?

It is right out hard just finding a moment to yourself and balance single parenting, work and yourself during it all. I didn’t run tonight, which is my usual self-care go-to activity to relieve stress and get myself together. 30 minutes of me and my music hitting the pavement – and I didn’t. I couldn’t.

I am tired.

And so, I sat. I sat in my chair, watching one of my favorite shows and did nothing. Until the moment, I felt I needed to write down my experience. Because frankly, parenting is hard. Working with people for some of us is also quite challenging even though we LOVE what we do. Or maybe your job crunching numbers and beating the deadlines of data entry is hard – I get it. All jobs can be hard. And then you are asked to give some more because you are nonetheless a parent.

Dinner needs to be made, bath to be given and cuddles to be had.

You will have a few minutes of solitude after the kiddo heads to bed – take a bath, read a book or journal. Do something to find some inner calm and balance within yourself.

Oh, and doing nothing, of course, is acceptable if it does its job!

Because tomorrow is another day and you will do it all over again.

So please, take care of you so you can!


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