The other day I was re-reading my Reiki Bible and something that I didn’t see before was how each chakra emerges and is impacted by life experiences and this isn’t a post about chakra’s but more about synchronicity and being in alignment with what I do.

In this last year, I learned to pay attention to synchronicity as a way to affirm that what I am is what I need to be doing. I first through about Rebel Shine as a digital subscription box but something was way off… so I let it marinade a bit… I even wrote the words keep or let go underneath it on my whiteboard.

And then one day, as I was mulling it over it became clear to me that it is so much more and bigger than myself. And I needed to Rise above the Stories I told myself.

The irony is that the theme is You Rise Above!
And it starts with the stories… the mumbo jumbo that clogs your perception of who you are and what you are capable of.

You underestimate yourself because someone else did not believe in you!

You don’t take action because someone said you are not smart enough!

You are not who you are deep down because someone told you that you weren’t good enough just being you.

These stories that started from the moment you were born shaped you, your motivation and dare I say your ambition.

These stories are the reason

You’re not where you want to be
Do what you want to do
Love the way only you can love

And isn’t it high-tide that you start rewriting those stories?

That you start living life on your terms?

Be who you are even it means you walk alone? (You won’t, promise!)

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