The thing about Goals

I set goals based on intuition and inspired ideas and that can change from month to month and sometimes even day to day but the overall or underlying goal tends to stay the same:

Create a life that I don’t need a vacation from and I can do whatever I want every single day!

I’ve been working towards simplification and still making an impact and I am going to review my March Goals and then share my goals for April with you.

So, let’s take a look, shall we!

March Goals Review

1. Complete the first draft of my manuscript for my book

This book has been in the works since December and got slightly derailed because I decided to throw the Rebel Shine Summit together. The manuscript is done but I am still not ready to release this yet and have pushed the deadline back because I really need to make sure the book flows in such a way that it not only makes sense but serves its purpose! 

2. Release a new challenge 

Every month I am doing a challenge that is supported by email, blog posts, and conversation in my free Facebook Group. You can find the challenges here > Rebel Challenges – and you can join anytime you feel the call to push the boundaries of your comfort zone! 

3. Create a new course for the Rebel’s Academy 

I actually did something completely different to support the way I work with clients and help people leap into action. The Rebel’s Academy is now a 12-week course to help you build your business that supports your passions (service and product related). 

4. Finish the rest of the Modules for the Rebel Shine Inner Circle Bootcamp

Rebel Shine Bootcamp is complete with 12 videos, 12 action guides, and the 2018 Rebel Shine Summit. It’s a 12-week (or 12-month) program for you to create a life that has you living your best year, every year. The pace you work it is totally up to you! 

5. Run 3 days a week + 1 Soccer Game

That running has been slow going but the soccer games are on par! 

6. Finish Adding new coloring pages to the Create your Colorful Life Community

Since I was making so many changes, I had to push this back a little. But in the meantime, there are over 100 coloring pages to get started with more to come! 

7. Go to New York for Freedom Hackers Presents: Publicity For Bigger Impact

Yes, that happened and the blog post about the experience can be found here: That time I went to New York and almost slept at Penn Station. 

8. Work on my knitting project for an hour or so per evening

No that didn’t happen. I started too but since I sometimes just follow my ideas as they come, I’ve been creative in other ways. 

9. Spend at least one day a week somewhere else other than my office

I managed to do one day. I am working on my office/studio to make it really space I love working and being in. But I also did onboard new clients and that took some time away from working elsewhere. 

10. Go on a road trip: Destination unknown

This also didn’t happen. The weather in Virginia has been weird and not as nice as I was hoping it would be. 

So now that March has been Reviewed, it’s time to look ahead on what I will make happen in April!

  1. Release a new offering! Not sure what that looks like yet!
  2. I am developing the Rebel Incubator into another program that will focus on blogging and writing. The release date for this is not yet determined as I am working out the modules and content!
  3. Rebel Shine Book – edit the chapters to make this a cohesive book
  4. Three Times Chaos – update the photographs for products and the copy of each item.
  5. Client Work – three days a week is set aside for clients and that averages 2-3 hours per day. And their goals and actions that need to get done are on my priority list.
  6. Go out and sing Karaoke – I love going out even if I make a fool of myself singing off key.
  7. Play soccer and improve my skills
  8. Run the April Goal Setting Challenge and Set up May Challenge – you can find them here 

I think that’s good enough for this month, don’t you?

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