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Rebel Incubator – Resources, tools, and content that will help you move forward without spending a dime.

ConvertKit – I switched to ConvertKit and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve set up a new list and sales funnel with ease. I like ease.

Canva – easy graphics for your blog, books, and social media platforms.

Social Jukebox – Social Jukebox is a powerful automated social media posting solution, which both manages and recycles your content. By consistently posting your evergreen content to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Social Jukebox frees users to develop and curate content as well as engage their audience.

Photoshop – Because sometimes Canva isn’t enough

InDesign – this program is fabulous for creating your own workbooks, planners, and magazines!

PowerPoint – because sometimes I don’t want to open up InDesign

Excel – Oh man this is great for budgeting and also creating planners

DropBox – online storage solution that automatically syncs with your computer (free up to 2GB)

Evernote – organize all your thoughts, web clippings, images, and notes. Syncs to multiple devices.


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