Are you ready to break free from what is keeping you small, unhappy or stuck?

What would it mean to you to live life on your terms? Or feeling empowered to do what you want to do? 

What would it mean if you had the clarity of where you wanted to go and uncover what is holding you back? 

When you have no direction it causes you to take a lot of detours! 

These detours confuse you on what your next steps are and hinder you in achieving your goals. 

They cause you to feel invisible, unheard and unappreciated. This, in turn, can cause you to feel discouraged. 

And slowly your frustration is increasing, you are feeling frustrated and disconnected from the path you can feel is just around the bend. 

And yet, fear, insecurity and self-doubt have you paralyzed to keep moving forward. 

Everything you are looking for is already inside of you!

But you are here because you know you need guidance, direction and support from someone who understands where you are and how you feel. Someone you can help you embrace who you are and discover your full potential and move past the resistance!

And yes, you are conditioned to resist change and self-growth because you were taught that conformity is better, easier and safer!

You keep yourself busy to take care of everyone else so you can feel useful while still remaining invisible and yet what you want is appreciation, love and support. 

Or maybe you’ve gotten disconnected from your dream and you keep waiting for one day to finally start living with and on purpose. The kind of purpose that will make your life more authentic and bring passion and joy into your experience.

How do I know all this? 


Well, I’ve been there!

When I married, I became the dutiful 1950’s housewife catering to my family’s wants and needs. But I wanted nothing more than to start a business, to create art and write books. I was told that I couldn’t have the cake and eat it too and so I stayed hidden in the background, feeling frustrated and powerless to forge ahead with my own dreams!

But then after I left my marriage, my youngest son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and life as I knew it, well changed. The clarity that life is too short and that one day will not arrive hit me like a ton of bricks. It unraveled everything I thought I knew and I chose to embrace the undoing, so I could once again become. And that has been the a painful, yet thrilling journey.

The truth is you can only change the things you are aware of and all you know is that you’re frustrated.

This is for you if you are ready to:

〉Discover who you are on a deeper level

〉Step out of the shadows from what is holding you back

〉Connect to your intuition and live from a soul level

〉Embrace your inner Rebel to create the life you want

〉Discover your full potential and purpose in life


Your vision for your life fueled by your dreams is your Soul Food. Not investing in yourself and your dreams like doing the same thing over and over again with zero results.

When you KNOW who YOU are and what YOU want:

〉You feel empowered to grow into your best self

〉You can trust and follow your intuition

〉You can feel at ease because you’re living with and on purpose

〉You feel connected to yourself on a deeper level

〉You inspire and encourage those around you

Can you afford to stay stuck, feel powerless and feed the shadows of old limiting patterns? 

So ask yourself…

〉Are you ready to express who YOU truly are without fear or apologies?

〉Are you determined to fulfill your purpose and master your life?

〉Are you willing to invest in yourself to allow the real YOU to emerge?


My VIP Intensives happening via Online Zoom

What’s Included…

INTENSIVE COACHING – 4 hours of powerful 1:1 mentoring, focusing on you and your life

PREPARATION & FOLLOW UP 2 – 30-minute preparation /follow-up sessions – before and after your VIP day

ONGOING SUPPORT One month of high priority email support. (Monday – Friday)

ACTION PLAN A written plan to take with you and help you stay on track

Your VIP Day will be completely customized!

Your Investment: $497 

After your payment is received, you will be redirected to a questionnaire – and then within 24 hours receive your welcome package!