Lead with the head your dreams are dead!

Lead with your Soul and your goals will grow! 

Don’t let your mind fall prey to the Ego!

Your mind will talk you out of your dreams and goals. 

It will tell you that now is not the right time. 

It will tell you that the conditions are not perfect. 

It will also tell you that you are not good enough. 

Your ego wants to play it safe and stay small and stick to conformity! 

But know this: 

You are not your experiences, failures ore mistakes! 

You are also not what other people think of you! 

And more importantly, you are so much more than what your mind wants you to believe! 

You are 

  • Unique
  • Powerful
  • Creative
  • Filled with unlimited potential 

And the only thing that is standing in the way of your dreams and goals is YOU

This is the best thing in the universe because it means you have a choice!

You can choose to stay where you, do the things you’ve always done, which means staying in the cycle of struggle and frustration 


You can choose to Unleash yourself by getting out of your head and into the action of your life and rebel against conformity! 

Because YOU DESERVE to live a life that feels incredible and is the epitome of awesome! 

Goal-focused mentoring based on intuition, experience, and action—with the greater picture in mind because it isn’t just about making your goals a reality! .

It’s about who you become along the way…

A you that is courageous and confident with the willingness to face your fear and the possibility to fall down.

But no matter what you are going through you are motivated to take action, no excuses!

The time has come that you 

〉Create a life based on purpose, values and desires 

〉Release thoughts, beliefs and doubts that get in the way

〉Get out of your head and into your soul 

〉Trust your intuition and feel the alignment 

〉Create a Strategy to achieve your goals 

〉Unchain yourself from conformity 

Unchain your heart and let your Soul be Free

Your mentoring will be customized to you and your goals + needs, which can include: 

〉Crystal clarity on your be, do and have goals 

〉Tools & Resources to move through resistance

〉Filling your own well to be your best self

〉Self-belief and confidence to do whatever you want

〉Master your Mindset and remove the excuses

〉Follow your intuition and take inspired action

〉Your authentic self and unleashing it into the world

How does it work? 

Your program will begin with a questionnaire so we can have a clear understanding of where you are and where you want to go!

During the course of 6 weeks, we’ll be meeting for calls via Zoom.

I will support you, call you out on your own bullshit and hold you accountable! 

After each call, you will receive an email outlining your action steps and provide tools and resources! 

You will walk away with confidence, clear on your path and excited to have a life filled with purpose! 

 6 Weeks

 〉4 – 60-minute calls over the course of 6 weeks 

〉Rebel Unleashed Questionnaire 

〉Email & Voxer support between sessions 

〉Access to one of my courses aligned with your needs & goals 


Your Investment: $597

Spaces are limited.

You will receive an email within 24-hours with your welcome information!