I’ve been feeling the call to do things differently, to really engage in my life and your life at the same time. I crave a deeper connection with people that could use love, guidance, and support.

I wasn’t sure what that looked like but I knew what it felt like and truly it feels like bliss. The kind of bliss you can only get when you are operating from the level of your soul that sets the world on fire (not literally though, that be bad, really bad).

It’s my purpose and mission to:

  • heal, use my voice, shift the world through writing with what is on my heart and nudged by my soul that is real, raw and vulnerable.
  • remove struggle, frustration, and lack through teaching and engaging with people who are ready to commit to their own transformation.
  • connect with myself and people on a level that allows us to go deep into the discovery of who we are as individuals and how we can help shift the world as a collective.
  • expand on the capacity to love and remove the barriers that get in the way of who we are and extend this new way of being in our families + communities.

I’ve lost the desire to be someone’s inspiration some time ago because it does nothing to help us move forward in our own lives. This means I have to take on a different approach in which we all walk through the mud together, challenge ourselves to new levels all the while exploring the thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that get in the way of achieving our dreams and goals.

Allow me to introduce the Rebel Spark Collective! 

A community where I share 3-4 Rebel Spark Notes per week, weekly assignments, monthly sessions + personalized Q&A videos.

My mission is to impact + connect with people through my writing, teachings & presence in this lifetime. I am passionate about helping you to not only get started with changing your life but moving forward one step at a time.


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