The Rebel Soul Mastermind

Do you struggle to get started on a new idea or stay committed and motivated because you’re overwhelmed by all that needs to happen? 

It doesn’t have to be this way! 

You are here to forge your own path and it’s time that you give yourself permission for these ideas to unfold and become a reality. 


The Rebel Soul Mastermind for rebels, creatives, and dreamers 

Imagine a group of like-minded people where you feel understood for being different and encouraged to forge your own path. 

This is perfect for you if

  • You are a creative who loves using their gifts and talents
  • You are a dreamer who loves dreaming big 
  • You are a rebel who loves doing things their own way 
  • You crave a community with people who get that no system fits all
  • You are ready to commit and get into the action 

Just imagine for a moment 

  • that all of your ideas stuck in your head are actually taking on a life of their own
  • that you don’t get caught up in overwhelm or even talk yourself out of your ideas
  • that you know every step you take will pay off you can’t even fathom possible 

Join the Rebel Soul Mastermind

Weekly Calls for 1-2 hours for 12 weeks 

Supportive Community 

Tools, Guides & Resources to help you 

The Rebel Soul Mastermind is a place where you can share with confidence: 

Everything that is going on, the good, the bad and the struggle 

Individual time to speak and receive feedback 

Setting commitments and receive accountability 

Mastermind is currently closed!

Our next round will be in March, 2018


There are limited seats available to only 6 people!


What happens when you sign up: 

You will receive a welcome email from me giving you access to our private FB Group and the digital version of the Rebels Guide to Inspired Action.

You will receive access to the Rebel Soul Conenction for Free for 3-months!

You will receive an email reminder to our first call, and each call following.

Mastermind is currently closed!

Our next round will be in March, 2018


Payment plans are available but you will need to contact me to get this set up

When you join the Rebel Soul Mastermind you will receive:

  • Weekly Group Calls for 12 weeks
  • The Rebel Guide to Inspired Action
  • 3-Months free access to the Rebel Soul Connection
  • A community of like-minded people
  • Support and accountability
  • Additional Resources, Guides & Tools as needed
  • Achieving goals with ease doing it your way

Don’t wait another minute to start forging your own path! 

You are only one decision away!