Rise above your own stories,

elevate your life and

claim your personal power!


Are you secretly afraid of

Unleashing your ideas into the world?
Owning your power and the impact it could have?
Putting yourself first for a change and would it could mean?

If you are frustrated with the way your life currently is, the challenge isn’t knowing what you want, it’s having the courage to make it happen!

Are you still holding back because


  • You worry about what other people think
  • You are afraid of failure and success and the impact
  • You have thoughts and feelings about worthiness
  • You don’t know where to begin and feel overwhelmed
  • You don’t believe the life you want is possible for you

Not so many moons ago I was holding back for similar reasons! 

I was a mom raising three kids, working a job that didn’t fully support my mission. While I embraced my art and wrote my first book, I was craving a completely different life.

And I realized one crucial thing that I was missing!

The clarity of what I wanted to Be, Do and Have in my life.

And then I took Action.

In February 2013 I started my coaching business part-time and made a commitment that I would create the life I wanted. After I started my journey I was faced with conflict in my job and in my relationships and made some radical changes. 

I left the security of my long-term relationship and within a few months found myself no longer employed. I hit the pavement running and through trial and error developed my own process of setting goals and making things happen. 

I created coloring books, wrote two more self-help books and refined the services I offer in a way that aligned with my vision. 

The lesson that repeatedly showed up was that whenever I was ready, it was ready for me and I was only one decision away at any given moment.

I’ve gone from frustration and struggle to one that forges my path with ease and I get to do what I love (and want) every single day.

But it didn’t come without a price but it was one I was willing to pay! 

I was done being the foster kid, rape survivor, immigrant and special needs mom and all the stories I had told myself of why I couldn’t create the life I wanted.

All of those pieces are part of my story but do not define who I am but they are the fuel to the fire of why I can!

Embracing my own healing and recognizing the mindset and strength that I’ve been gifted with wasn’t easy and they’ve given me the knowledge of how quickly one decision can change your life.

Whether you want to build a business, have better relationships, take off running with your ideas or just be …. well you – everything is possible.

Maybe you’re panicking because this one decision could absolutely change your life.

Perhaps this is the first time you’ve considered what it would mean to own your power and unleash yourself in this crazy world.

And maybe you’re sick and tired of the status quo and you’re ready to embrace your inner rebel.

I will hold the space for your growth as you push the boundaries of your comfort zone! 

Rebel Shine Bootcamp is for Rebels, Renegades and Rule Breakers that have been waiting for permission to break free.

Rebel Shine Bootcamp will guide you to


  • having the best year, every year
  • owning your awesome power
  • unleashing your ideas and gifts in this world
  • rise above the stories that hold you back

Here’s what you will get

Lifetime access to all 12 modules and the accompanying action guides

Bi-weekly office hours with no question going unanswered.

Access to future additions and updates to content for life!

Ready to embrace your Inner Rebel

Your Best Year

Fundamentals to create your best year based on your personal vision


Release whatever is holding you back from creating the life you want

Elevate your Life

Elevate your life through consistent action and focus on your vision


Opportunities are everywhere and all you have to do is show up

Own your power

Know what it means tapping into your own power  means to you


Tap into your intuition through imagination

Attitude of Gratitude

Embrace an attitude of gratitude and expand your possibilities


Vulnerability isn’t easy but it’s totally worth it, if done in a way that feels good to you

Unleash Yourself

Use your vision to follow your dreams and unleash them into the world


Know what self-care means to you and how you can include it every day

Back to Basics

Know you can always go back to basics when life gets too frustrating and overwhelming

Evaluate your life

Take the time to evaluate if you are on the path that aligns with your vision

Exclusive Bonuses

Mindset on Fire

6-Part Video Course squish your doubts and fears and stay focused on the outcome

Nurture Yourself

28-Day Challenge to explore how to love yourself and put your needs first

Walk on the Level of your Soul

21-Day Journaling Course to connect with your inner self

Hi! I’m Petra Monaco!

I’m a creative rebel – a multi-passionate and multi-talented being.

I created Rebel Shine Bootcamp for people like you, who are ready to embrace their inner rebel through small and perhaps radical changes.

Rebel Shine has 12 modules with accompanying action guides – but more than that it’s a community of Rebels, Renegades and Rulebreakers.

You will also have access to a private Facebook Group to make everlasting friendships with like-minded people and have my attention by answering your questions in the designated thread. No question will go unanswered and no stone will go unturned.

My mission in life is to help you remove the frustration you are experiencing at any given moment. You are worthy and deserving of the life you imagine and you’re one decision away! Whenever you’re ready, it’s ready for you!  

This is for you if

  • You are sick and tired of spinning your wheels
  • You are ready to push the boundaries of your comfort zone
  • You are done following all the rules of life
  • You are done making excuses
  • You are tired of feeling small in your own world

This is not for you if

  • You think that by joining life will automatically change.
  • You are not willing to commit to repeatedly saying “one day”
  • You are always making excuses for why you can’t!
  • You don’t want to rock the boat for fear of criticism and judgment

What people are saying

I loved every bit of the deep unraveling I had and every bit of you as well. I love your spontaneity, openness, laughter, humor, immense compassion, and down to earth realness. The way you are able to look at things in the bigger picture was really helpful and awesome. I couldn’t have imagined uncovering so much and going so deep !!!

Luna L.

This is why I love you!!! You call bullshit when it’s needed! I have made a CONSCIOUS effort to CHOOSE how I feel, to CHOOSE to let go of the shit I’ve been holding onto that I thought I let go of a long time ago, so I can put myself out there even more, not let a damn thing hold me back from the life I want and deserve!

Lulu A.

Petra is a breakthrough coach. She opens up anything old and unneeded within you to help you jump and leap into all of who you are. She helps you dive deeply into the heart of things in order to discover your next steps. This in turn creates greater courage and realness that comes from within. I can’t thank her enough. I will of course stay in touch and connect with her should anything else come up.

Aishwarya L.

P.S. I know it can be hard to make a decision… but if not now, WHEN? How long have you been putting off to put you first? How about your dreams? Isn’t it time you stop the frustration in its tracks? I’ve made this offer as crazy generous as I possibly can. It’s the most comprehensive, useful resource there is for you, who is ready to embrace your inner Rebel and rise above whatever is holding you back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work?

I can’t predict the future so I won’t even try. I don’t know how committed you are to the changes required in your own life. But if you are willing to do the work, stop making excuses then life as you know it will not look the same. 

What will I learn?
You will create a life that feels amazing and good to you. You are receiving support through the private FB Community and the monthly calls when you are feeling challenged. Each Module is a good alone, but when you put it all together, you will embrace your Inner Rebel so you can Rise Above.

When do I get access to the content!

You will have access to the bonuses right away and the content that is already loaded to get you started! I am adding new content and modules but you have enough to get yourself going!

Private Facebook Commnity
You’ll have access to a private member community where we’ll connect, have support and possibly create lasting new friendships with people that get you.

What's the Refund Policy?

Please note that you have 30-Days to request a refund. Simply email me with your completed work for The Best Year Module and the actions you’ve completed to show your commitment to the program and you’ll receive a full refund.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.