Programs & Courses

Imagine finally having the time, know-how and support that you’ve been craving, so you can forge your own path in life and business. You’re one decision away!

Rebel’s Academy

The Rebel’s Handbook and membership to the Rebel’s Academy online portal is the place and space to learn, grow and more importantly do!

Dream & Do

As a passionate creative get ready to harness your imagination and unleash it into the world. Give yourself permission to receive the support that will get you moving forward!

Rebel Shine

Mindset, Strategy and Guidance for Creative Rebels and Passionate who don’t want to live in a box and crave the support of a community!

90-Day Journey

Create a map of your vision and chunk them down into manageable road trips and step-by-step into actionable tasks that will not only help you to stay on task but manage your time and increase your productivity.