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The Rebel Soul Handbook Spiral-Bound


Coming October 2017!

Digital Copy of the 2018 Rebel Soul Handbook will be available October 15th, 2017! But you can order the spiral-bound version today!

Spiral-bound copies will ship starting October 15th, 2017



All Spiral-bound copies will ship starting October, 15, 2017!

Do you

  • want to set goals instead of new years resolutions?
  • want to create and bring in all the be, do and have been in your soul?
  • want to make it fun and colorful as you go after your dreams?

The Rebel Soul Handbook will turn your ideas and dreams into reality through a guided process.

Let me ask you:

Are you ready to make 2018 the most colorful, awe inspired and awesome year yet?

I am here to help you do just that!

Everything you need to dream big, plan and take inspired action is in this handbook.

It will guide you

  • to a powerful mindset
  • create a focus area or areas in your life
  • have an amazing vision that gets you excited
  • map out your Be, Do and Have Goals
  • Monthly Calendars to take inspired action

Also included

  • Goal Pyramid
  • Mind-Maps
  • Journal Pages

And more excitedly as you can color on each page and truly make it your own.

Order by August 30th, 2017 to receive the sale price!

Petra is a coach and mentor for creatives, rebels and dreamers who are ready to find the courage to forge their own path because life is too short to feed the fear.

She’s the founder of the Rebel Soul Connection, a community for creatives, rebels, and dreamers to take action with tools, resources, support, and accountability.

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Dimensions 9 x 12 x 1 in