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Create your Colorful Life Planner


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Dream, plan and take inspired action your own colorful life in 2017 with this workbook and planner.

Do you

  • want to set goals instead of new years resolutions?
  • want to create and bring in all the be, do and have’s in your soul?
  • want to make it fun and colorful as you go after your dreams?

The colorful life workbook and planner will turn your ideas and dreams into reality through a guided process.

Welcome Amazing You

Are you ready to make 2017 the most colorful and awesome year yet?

Everything you need to dream big, plan and take inspired action is in this workbook and planner.

Create your Colorful 2017 will guide you

  • To a powerful mindset
  • Create a focus area or areas in your life
  • Have an amazing vision that gets you excited
  • Map out your Be, Do and Have Goals
  • Monthly Calendars to take inspired action
  • Goal Pyramid
  • Mind-Maps
  • Journal Pages

The workbook is meant to be highly customizable.

Print only what you need so you have the option to print pages multiple times if you are called to.

There is room to reflect on where you are right now with the Flower of Life, so you can tune into who you want to become as you write out your vision and all that you want to do during the year.

The workbook comes with monthly planner pages to map out 3 Goals each month and the main actions that are going to get there.

It comes with mind-maps to help you get a visual on how to put all the pieces of your dreams together.

It has a goal pyramid to help you work backward so you can see all the steps to take and free-writing space to note your thoughts and feelings.

There is no wrong or right way to create your colorful life, there is only your way!



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