procrastinationProcrastination isn’t welcome but necessary!

The challenge, however, is recognizing when it is procrastination and when it serves a purpose to have a detour in your actions for the day.

In this video, I share with you how sometimes changing course when we get stuck is helpful.

When we keep pushing towards one goal after the other, we allow in that masculine energy of getting things done and always work.

As women, however, we have to take a different course and we want to allow in that feminine energy of having flow.

When we have a calendar full of tasks and to-do’s and can be overwhelming to look at and you ask yourself, what you should be doing next.

By allowing some flow and maybe even do something quite unrelated, will not only bring you new ideas and strategies but you will find yourself with some new ideas.

That is why taking a break from your work – whether it is at a job or in your business – is so important for your flow. It gives you the necessary reset as well as inspiration and motivation to move forward.


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