Embrace your inner Rebel through small and sometimes radical transformation in your own life and business.

Petra knows from her own personal experience, that you are only one decision away to find your place in the world and that whenever you’re ready, it’s ready for you!

After living in the shadow of her past she was faced with having to take a good look at herself as her youngest son was fighting for his life with a rare genetic disorder.

She learned the past does not create the future and that she’d have to reinvent herself, rewrite the stories she was telling everyone (especially herself) and start taking action towards what she wanted to create.

Host and Creator of the Rebel Shine Summit

Long Bio

Petra is a multi-passionate creative that helps women rise above their personal story so they can move through frustration and transform themselves and their lives. Petra’s expertise includes helping her clients overcome self-doubt, building the confidence and the tools to help them  to succeed.

A Story of Overcoming

Petra’s practice has been shaped by her own story. Growing up in foster care since the age of 2 and she has overcome many challenges and adversities despite the odds, always believing in finding a dream that leaves her fulfilled by living her life according to her own rules.

With a vision of owning her own business, 15 years ago Petra created her first business, Hippie’s Creations, now Three Times Chaos. Being very much a DIY person, she learned how to set up a blog and manage her social media, letting out her geeky side and freelance her tech skills.  But after, her son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder at the age of 4, and life became a 24-hour crisis, leaving his life in limbo until he underwent his third liver transplant.

Time for a Shift

Petra realized that life is too short and she needed to stop talking about her dream of helping others and start taking action. She became trained in mental health counseling but realized that in order to be present for her son’s medical needs and her own dream, that helping transform the life of others was her passion.

Petra uses what she has learned through life and her training to take a dream and turn it into reality and does this with her third business, Petra Monaco – Creative Rebel.

Petra believes that everyone deserves a shot at creating freedom however they envision it and feels strongly about the fact that you don’t need a sob story to do so. She is helping women like herself to move forward and overcome the challenges in making their own dreams real through her courses and programs.  She has written five books and continues to create her own freedom pursuing her own dreams.

Petra has been featured in interviews and summits sharing her story and how she overcomes any challenge that may come her way.



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