A few weeks ago I met with my accountability partner like we do just about every week and I had a new idea I was working on.

And with one simple question she asked to have some clarity, she moved me into the space of reflection. She didn’t know that in the moment but sometimes the water’s can get muddy when we take too many steps all at once.

I like being busy and I love taking action on ideas when they excite me but truth be told, I don’t always think them through to really gain the clarity of the ideas purpose. It’s a creatives problem to have.

It was time for me to slow down a little and really look at my life and my business and decide what do I really want to create, how do I want to show up every day and what would like me up like a Christmas tree if I got to do them every single day.

Through stepping back, I have rekindled my love with my art. I spend some time wood-burning during the day and then crochet in the evening. My love for my art never went away, I just didn’t do anything with it.

So in this week, I finished up some ornaments that will be headed to the gallery in the next few days.

I think that having ideas is great and I also believe that they come to you because they are meant for you to leap into action with but sometimes the timing isn’t quite right, or it’s a little too much and you keep treading in muddy waters without much traction.

Here’s what I realized:

It’s okay to step back a little and slow down. This isn’t a race of who can do how much in whatever time frame.

Each idea is essentially built on another idea and sometimes slowing down helps you gain a much clearer picture of how it will play out in the big scheme of things.

Does this mean to let go of your ideas?

No of course not. But sometimes it helps to let the ideas marinade so you can be crystal clear not just on the how or what but have a depth of understanding about the why.

I will eventually revisit the idea I had and see if it’s still a good fit or if it’s better to just let it go.
Even though I believe ideas are meant for you, and I think you also need to take action on them, sometimes the action is not doing anything at all.

I didn’t start my business so I would be working 16 hours a day. I started my business so I could help and serve people, as well as spend time doing other things I love to do.

And I saw that all of the inspired ideas I had were actually leading me away from what I really wanted.

If you are also an idea generator and tend to take immediate action, take some pause.

Think about if this idea is really helping you create the life you want, and if it doesn’t, just let it marinate for awhile.

If it is truly meant to be a reality, it will not let you go – ever!

And you know what that means, it’s time to act!

Share with me where in the comments you are giving yourself permission to scale back a little!


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