It isn’t just a downright shame, but a crime to not live exactly the kind of life that you really want.

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You are a

Rule Breaker, Rebel and Renegade! 

There’s nothing more in life you want than to embrace the freedom to be you, to do what you love and have a life that is full of fun and adventure.

The idea of a normal and uninspiring life feels insane because you have big dreams and you can’t imagine being caged.

You have tried many things already, read the books and took the courses but here you are still struggling and feeling frustrated with where you are right now.

You want to

  • feel good about yourself and engage with life to your fullest potential
  • let go of self-doubt and over-analyzing and take action towards your goals
  • stop worrying about other people and what they think of you and what you do
  • trust and listen to your intuition because you know it will guide you well
  • believe that who you are is enough and no explanation is needed

The moment you are ready to give yourself permission to claim your own power and unleash yourselfYou can choose freedom

You can choose freedom

You can create the life you want

You can have the business that lights you up.

You are not meant to fit into the society where everyone is the same and follow all the rules until you receive the validation to be loved and accepted.

You can love yourself and accept yourself without seeking approval from the world around you.



I’m Petra and my entire life was spent me trying to fit in. I followed all the rules of society to be the perfect mom, wife, friend and employee.

And all it did was leaving me frustrated and struggling to create the life that not only felt amazing but I would never need a vacation from.

Everything changed when my youngest sons’ medical journey rocked my core and I hit emotional rock bottom.

I no longer could fit the expactations placed on me and instead became the person I always been by undoing everything I knew.

Stop the fight for freedom by

  • letting go of the resistance and love yourself for who you are
  • reframing the chatter in your head so you can feel confident
  • knowing that you are enough and there isn’t a single thing wrong with you
  • creating a vision for your life that has you excited to show up every day
  • trust that even during difficult days that there is light on the other side

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