This one thing stands between you and something greater

You’re burned out at your job
You emotionally spent in your relationship
You’re frustrated with your home life

And you are looking for the answer in all the wrong places

If your home life is shaky then you will struggle professionally
If you’re unhappy with your job you will struggle with all areas of your life

And without this one thing, they will always be a lack of harmony

And you are allowing everything to be in control without recognizing your own power.

So what is that thing standing in your way?

A decision

A decision to find a new job
A decision to start a business
A decision to leave a relationship

A decision to make a change!

Making those decisions is far from easy

But for just a moment … sit with your eyes closed and ask yourself what is the next step for you

That answer will scare you

It will scare you because you don’t know what’s on the other side

It will scare you because people will judge you and you will be questioning yourself over and over again

You worry to lose the relationship with your family
You worry about how you will make a living and what opportunities will available

And what if for a moment you trust that with a single decision you’re life will change

The only one that can change your life, is you!

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