Something that I absolutely believe in is to believe your intuition and move on instinct. 

We all have gut reactions to situations and people and it took me years to honor that and actually listen to what it was telling me. 

It’s that inner knowing of when to remove yourself from something, someone or somewhere. 

It’s the wisdom on when to go within to reflect and ask yourself the hard questions about life. 

It’s the physical reaction when someone enters the room or the feelings that emerge at any given moment. 

Far too often we seek the answers outside ourselves when in reality we need to go within. This will allow the hidden pieces to emerge that you’ve so carefully bundled up in the corner of your heart. It will guide you on how to embody your own self-care and nurture you and bring healing into your being. 

For too many years I had ignored my instincts until my son was born – and yes in some way I believe he came to me on purpose. So that I could learn to trust my intuition and fully believe in me and stop seeking the validation and support elsewhere. 

Funny how events and people can bring that clarity to you. 

What do you need to do to trust yourself more and your own intuition?  

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