I always get nervous when I do an interview and my mindset takes a tackle.

I want my story to be heard, I want to inspire and help other people overcome their owns struggle and go after their big dreams.

Here’s what I learned however that when you share your story openly in communities be it online and offline, someone wants to and needs to hear it.

It’s a notch in my confidence belt when I am being approached to be interviewed rather than me having to go after it (not that I mind, it’s just harder).

I love Mothers Joint because the focus is on helping and inspiring women so they can feel empowered. That’s totally my thing, empowering women to go after their own dreams no matter what their story is.

Our biggest barrier is fear because we allow it to rule and control ourselves, rather than look at it, dissect it and learn from it.

From their website:

Mothers Joint is a platform for inspiration for the Entrepreneur and Mother in you. Mothers Joint is where super mums support and inspire each other. It is all about your word, your journey. Join us to inspire women to pursue their passion while being the best mums to their children. We are the place where mums can get answers, and the results they want from their daily lives and businesses.

And I love everything about this because in addition to being an entrepreneur I am also a mother and sometimes it’s hard to manage all aspects of our lives. It’s like we have that little extra to focus on and worry about – but by no means am I implying that people without kids don’t have their share of a need for support.

As a matter of fact, every single one of us needs support at some point. When we believe that we can go out and do it ourselves we are creating an illusion and then wonder why we are not moving forward.

Find yourself that one person (or more) that will be your support system.

In the meantime, if you want to read the article click here 

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