Change your life one phase at a time

The Moon Shift Journal and Coloring Book is perfect to help you set your intentions on the New Moon and reflect through each of the moon phases. 

Each phase of the moon has something different to offer and connect with that guides you through setting the intention, taking action, moving ahead, giving gratitude and releasing all that no longer serves you.

Combined with active meditation through coloring, you connect to your deeper self.

Find a quiet time and place during each moon phase. Light your candle and prepare your crystals. Hydrate with water for it’s your conductor or energy.

This journal includes:

• Monthly Mandala Pages to tune into your intuition

• Monthly Journal Page 

• Coloring and Journal Page for each Moon Phase

Please note:

• If you choose the PDF File, the printer, ink, and paper used for your print will determine the final outcome of your download.
• As color varies from monitor to monitor slight color variations are not considered a fault in the product.
• This item is for personal use only. Do NOT use it commercially, distribute, modify, reproduce, or resell the file or the artwork.

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But without a label I:

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· care a damn lot about you, your story, who you are and your dreams and how I can support you in this world.

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