Have you ever gone to a restaurant and not only was the wait a little long but they messed up your food order and you got all kinds of pissed off?

Yeah, I used to be that person but recently we had a similar experience on date night and chose to meet it with humor and it was epic.

The server was attentive but it was a busy Saturday night and we were not in a hurry and as we waited, the manager came to us and said they are making sure our food doesn’t come out cold.

We commented how we observed that the service was like a well-oiled machine and we were pretty impressed.

But then it happened, the burger my partner ordered was barely warm and the sauce tasted like it was going bad.

No problem, we had it returned and they ordered a new one. Now we decided to step out for a minute, together, but not until we told our waiter because we didn’t want him to think we ran off.

And when we returned our table was cleaned.

The waiter was embarrassed but we just laughed it off because well what else could we have done? Well yes, we could have been pissed off and created drama but truly no matter what end you are on, engaging your funny bone makes unpleasant situations well more pleasant.

The manager came to us once again and told us he would take care of the check. It’s not something we expected. We thought maybe some percentage off and we were totally okay paying for our meal.

He thanked us for meeting the whole situation with humor from the burger to our table being cleaned and I know that this isn’t always the case for him.

And it got me thinking, that as customers and business owners humor does go along the way and because of this awesome experience, we will totally go back to this establishment because we know the people that work there do care about the customer’s experience.

If you are a business owner and find you have a challenging situation but you meet clients and customers who have a sense of humor, appreciate them. Not only will you feel better but so will the people you did business with.

And if you are a client and customer in a challenging situation, meet it with humor because I promise you that the business owner has your best interest and experience in mind, and you can literally watch the relief wash off their shoulders when you do.

It does no good to be angry and pissed off customer if you can remember we are all human and the matter of fact is that mistakes happen all the time. Compassion and humor will get you a lot further and even if your dinner was botched you can still have a pleasant experience.

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Meet challenging situations with humor - humor does go along the way and because of this awesome experience.