May continued to be about refining my systems and organizing my business and life. And the most amazing thing is that I am done with it. And what’s even better is that it has actually reduced my work hours tremendously. There is something to be said about having a strategy an systems in place.

But other amazing things happened in the process and I am going to update success below.

  1. Rebel Shine Book –  I actually published in! One day I stood on my porch and saw the final product emerge and boom done!
  2. Exercise – Running & Soccer – Soccer season is currently on hold until after the 4th of June and so I have been pushing myself to run a bit more.
  3. Create at least one or two new pieces of art – that really didn’t happen. I have so much finished items floating around my studio that I decided to update the pictures instead and get my inventory wall organized.
  4. Support my clients as needed – this has been going really well. I have set aside specific days to just focus on my VA clients and it’s been a dream to support them on their own journey.
  5. Things not planned but achieved! Something that happened right after I published my book is that I created guides – you can find them here. I was inspired and acted and now you can have a quick guide to write your book, set goals, start a business or a blog.
  6. I went to a soccer game to watch for fun. The town I live in now has its own team and I am excited to be supporting them by showing up. And I love a good soccer game.
  7. I accepted an opportunity to speak on productivity and time management for a local entrepreneur group.

Which now leads me to goals for June and I actually had to think about them for a bit because I don’t have anything BIG planned right this moment as I am settling into a new way of working and being.

With that said here are some of the things I know that are going down!

My friend Alenka from Dream Life Creation is putting on a marathon of training in June and I am excited to be part of her inspired idea! Every day is filled with 12 speakers and it’s a three-day event. Be sure to get on my VIP list to stay informed about the event.

And as I mentioned above I accepted an opportunity to speak on productivity and time management, so I’ll be hashing out the details for this as well. I don’t know the date yet, but if you are local to me, check out the events page to stay updated.

Every month, I am offering a Cut the Bullshit LIVE Group Coaching call where you can show up and get the guidance you need to remove any excuses. Again this will be listed on the events page.

I have some art pieces I need to finish up and take them to the Gallery so that’s definitely on the list.

And then, I am developing a podcast and while I already have a name for it, I still need to hash out the details. Again it might be a great idea for you to be part of my VIP list so you can stay up-to-date with my shenanigans.

I feel like there is still a lot of room to do things but I am in the space of more being present than always fueling always doing mode that I find myself to be in quite often. I don’t know where this will lead but I am open to the experience.

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