I love creating content. This blog has over 400 blog posts and there have been a few times, where I could myself challenged in what to write about. And it was frustrating the heck out of me. And since I am all about removing the frustration, I ventured on to find a solution!

I created myself a spreadsheet with different headings and started to fill them in.

Those headings are important to my message, my story and the value you can bring to you. Once I finished filling it all in with topic ideas, I printed it out.

Now I literally have a years worth of content for my blog, that I can then turn into smaller social media posts, use them for sales funnels and so much more.

From there, I created a calendar with the days I wanted to post and started filling in the calendar in a way that felt good to me. You can also create weekly or monthly themes. Something I did first was to fill in all my launches so I could gear my content geared towards when I am creating and promoting a new product or service.

Now that you have content, you can outline your blog posts with the points you want to highlight. This will help you when you are ready to sit down and write your actual posts. I spend 2-3 hours a week or more to write out your content for the month and then schedule out the posts.

This is an awesome way to manage your time and have room for more creative activities and you won’t struggle to write a post every time you are needing to write a post for your blog.

I have taken the same concept for my emails and it’s made the process of developing content so much easier.

This is initially a wee bit time consuming, but once you have developed your overall content for the year, everything else will really feel so much easier.

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