We are going to kick off March with a 29-Day Blogging Challenge.

I have been writing posts for more than 10 years (this blog alone is home to over 750 posts).

Each day during the challenge you will receive a personalized email from me with a link to the latest tip.

Some posts will have ideas and tips for coming up with fresh blogging ideas (in any niche), while other posts will help you become a better blogger. Everything from writing and formatting to promoting the posts and building a list is covered. The idea is to encourage your readers to blog more consistently and improve their skills.

It’s free to join, it’s fun to play, and you can do it under an hour per day.


Coming up with new topics and crafting the titles can be challenging. This challenge will help you refine your own process on how to draft quick ideas for your blog.

We’ll talk about formatting tips and how you can recycle the content for other platforms. You’ll learn about places to find images for your blog and how to share your posts to find readers but also create relationships with other bloggers along the way.

Your blog is a great way to build a community and leverage your expertise but it can also be reflective, a rallying call to your readers and stories of experiences or fictional writing.It’s a way for readers to get inside your head a bit and take a look at your life and work and interact with them directly through your writing.

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Let’s put the excuses to rest and move into to action and share your message.

I too will be writing every day for this month. Yesterday I shared my goals for this month and my plan is to keep you up-to-date on how things are progressing, any challenges I may experience along the way.

I do have some travel dates coming up, but my hope is that I can manage to still blog with consistency for this month as well as support you in this challenges.

So, what say you?

Will you join?

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