Welcome! I’m Petra: Rebel and Misfit Mentor.

I am here to lead you from the spark to the flame to burn down the status quo

that no longer serves you and your vision of your life and business.

Following your Rebel Spark means to:

〉Be relentless in the pursuit of your vision

〉Be brave in creating the life + business you want

〉Be unconventional and fall in love with yourself

〉Be uncomfortable for a little while  creating something amazing

〉Be willing to take a risk to step out of your own shadow


You are here because

〉You are tired of living a life embodied by someone else’s ideal life

〉You want to learn, be motivated and take action

〉You’re ready to stop settling and stop the mediocre existence


So now what? 

〉If you are looking for community, radical undoing and embrace your inner Rebel, join the Rebel Spark Collective. 

〉If you want to create a life unleashing yourself and own your power join the Rebel Shine Bootcamp

〉If you want to build a business following your passions and skills join the Rebels Academy 

〉If you want weekly thoughts, tips, and tricks on how to embrace your inner rebel and follow your spark – subscribe for my email list


Welcome to the pack. I look forward to knowing who you are – your world is about to change and I can’t wait to see it ablaze. 

I dare you! 



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