annual ultrasound after liver transplant

Every year there’s picture day but isn’t the kind, your kids do in school. It’s the kind of picture day that has me a little nervous even when everything on the outside looks amazing.

Experiences shape you and we’ve experienced first-hand that the outside doesn’t always look like the inside.

It can be challenging to not give into fear and relive the experiences that were painful and had me and everyone else wondering if everything is ever going to be okay.

And yes everything is okay these days.

Ultrasound always means looking to see what’s going on with his liver and then determine what needs to happen, pending the results.

For us, that means either go on as normal or go in for a liver biopsy to explore some more.

And since everything looks good, we will just go on about our lives as normal as one would living life after a liver transplant.

Every year and every day, I am being reminded of how far he’s come and to think of someone I couldn’t even imagine him going to high-school. And yet here we are, preparing ourselves for him to transition to high-school.

I won’t lie, I look forward to being an empty nester and yet I am feeling a little bit of a twinge as the youngest is transitioning into a new phase of his life.

Life after a transplant is nothing I imagined when we made the decision for him to receive a new liver. But it’s also not as complicated as one would think. Sure the beginning was a little rough (ok maybe that’s an understatement) but as it stands now, he’s just like any other teenager, doing teenage things.

And so for now, we just get to live this normal life until the next ultrasound and the same fear comes up.

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