This past weekend we went on a camping trip – I think we all knew that this would be a challenge at times because we never a) went camping before b) stayed in such a small space together before c) traveled with our dog before d) would be spending quite some time in the car … I for one don’t do well in small spaces with lots of people for a long period of time but we all embraced the attitude of “It’s an adventure” … because that is what life is and should be. Towards the end of an hour or so before we would arrive the crankiness started to show its ugly head and we all knew this could either make or break the trip… but we knew without speaking it 🙂

When we finally arrived, I think we were all ready for some sleep. We relaxed, unplugged for the most part (cell service was iffy ha) and just had a relaxed good old-time. The boys were swimming in the lake – the girl was reading… we cooked hot dogs on a stick and roasted marshmallows in the evening hours. I learned that I don’t like roasted marshmallows… I tried and learned 😉

The way home was intended to be on the Blue Ridge Parkway… however, we didn’t plan breakfast well enough and needed to head off to find some food for everyone and purchase things for lunch. We planned on heading back to the Blue Ridge but had no idea how or direction of getting back on it… so we drove… following the GPS on the phone… and before we knew… Tennessee


It’s an adventure 😉

We arrived back in the good ole’ Virginia with the continued attitude of we are not in any hurry and it’s an adventure. Turning a 5-hour car ride into 10 hours certainly was an adventure and the Blue Ridge is beautiful enough to do so. At one point the youngest had to go to the bathroom – and the woods, just wouldn’t do. We continued our travel – discussed how many toilets should be on the Blue Ridge and finally found one he could use. He didn’t complain, whine or moan – he just said if we couldn’t find one he would wait until we got home – which was still about an hour or so away! But thankfully he didn’t have to wait 🙂

And really shouldn’t that be life in general? If we were to look at difficult situations with an adventurous outlook I bet that things will not be so difficult or terrible or negative. Instead, your attitude will be more enthusiastic and open to the challenges and you will move through the difficult stages much easier. And if each adventure comes with a plot-twist … well you will write an amazing life story … don’t you think?

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