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balanceWhen I created my Colorful workbook, I purposely create the goal section with be, do and have goals. In the past, I would make lists and lists of goals and found myself incredibly overwhelmed. By breaking down my goals into Be, Do and Have, I am able to really tune in who I want to be, what I want to do and call in what I want to have.

Who I want to be:

  • The best me every day
  • A partner for life .. hint hint
  • Successful Business Owner – doing it my way
  • Speaker on Stage – put an application in for an opportunity! Big Scary Goal!
  • Best Selling Author – working on a book now!
  • Healthy and Fit – regular workouts, more water intake, regular movement
  • An inspiration to 5,000+ women
  • Be a Podcaster
  • Be featured on elephant journal, Huffington post (again),

What do I want to do:

  • Change the lives of 5,000+ women
  • Travel to New York
  • Travel to New Mexico
  • See Bon Jovi in Concert
  • Speak on Stage
  • Write Books – I have several planned already
  • Hike Often
  • Go camping
  • Read Books for Business & Personal Development
  • Take the Citizenship test
  • Give 10% of my income to organizations I believe in
  • Run 6 Challenges
  • Invest in my business through courses, coaching, and outsourcing
  • Write guest posts
  • Finish my color therapy course and holistic nutrition course
  • Create art, lots and lots of art
  • Work in a way that feels good to me
  • Grow my own food
  • Pay down debt

What I want to Have:

  • A garden with vegetables we actually eat
  • Remodeled Kitchen and Bathrooms
  • New appliances
  • A party for when I become a citizen
  • A business I love that allows me to create
  • Kia Soul in Purple with Teal Trim
  • Freedom, Fun, and Joy
  • Entrepreneurial Friends – worldwide. I already am well on the way.

Just looking at this list makes me feel really good and less overwhelming.

Every day I get to ask myself how I can experience more freedom, fun, and joy.

Every day I get to tune in on how to be the best me and how I want to show up in this world. Every day I am presented with new opportunities bringing me closer to it all.

What is your Be, Do and Have Goals in 2017? Share in the comments!

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