When I began to set healthier boundaries, I started to take note of the ways I was unkind to myself.

I’ve excused not doing something for myself, time and again just so the rest of the world is happy around me.

I hadn’t made time for listening or watching shows that inspire me or that I enjoy for downtime.

I haven’t read many books either for that matter. I kept buying them and then no action whatsoever.

I’ve allowed others to judge my work and let it impact my value of self and lived with frustration, which then also caused me unneeded stress.

I’ve not always appreciated myself or the work I’ve been putting out. It’s so much easier to make excuses for not doing something.

I’ve not listened to myself to take a break and do fun things like art or a nap.

I’ve hidden at home making excuses for not connecting with people. Yes, I am an introvert but people are fun.

I’ve beaten myself up when something didn’t turn out the way I envisioned.

I’ve not laughed enough because I got so stuck on the how of things rather than trusting the process.

This last week for me has been everything I wanted it to be and continue to be. Now that I am honoring me and am kind to myself, I haveĀ I connected with amazing people and love the work that I do. I have laughed and chatted and engaged in ways that felt good to me.

It’s really clear to me that the way to be kind to yourself is to really do the actions that resonate with you. Hang out with people who get you and love and laugh often.

Structuring your way around being kind to yourself will bring amazing things into your life.


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