LennonstepscoverLennon Steps are similar to baby steps, except that these are infused with spunk and spirit in Lennon who sneezed himself into the world.

In my new book, Lennon Steps, I share the journey of my son Lennon, diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and what would be years of not knowing what life will be like after liver organ transplantation.


And in a few days, Lennon Steps will be published and it occurred to me that this whole process of getting this book together is like having a baby.

It starts with the conception of an idea that lingers for months and sometimes even years until you realize that birth is inevitable. You are nurturing your baby, putting words on paper just to spend a month of being tired from editing, reviewing, re-editing and proofreading before coming to the realization you need a due date.

Once of course, you have a due date, you are beginning to feel the stress of making everything perfect for the baby to arrive. You pick out a name and even the idea of a cover photo but leaving the final decision until the baby arrives. You worry yourself ill about if this baby and wonder if it will be well received.

During the final days of the book pregnancy, you are filled with anxiety about formatting, having the perfect cover. You are thinning about the book signing, so everyone can meet this beautiful baby of yours while trying to figure out how many books you will need to have on hand.

You are getting more anxious as you are waiting for the proof to return and just want the process to be over with because it’s been a long pregnancy.

I will cry tears of joy when I hit the button of approval and again when I hold my own personal copy of Lennon Steps.


 Lennon Steps

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