It’s Monday: Are you ready?

It’s Monday!

If you ever have started something just to find yourself not continuing for one reason or another – join the club.

If you have had a dream but struggle to find ways to make it happen – join the club.

7 weeks ago, I was running every day for weight-loss, for my health, for my sanity and to feel good.

I stopped running while working summer camp because frankly I was too freaking tired to be doing anything at all after I came home. Being a counselor in a therapeutic summer camp is exhausting work – mentally and physically. In all seriousness, I should have pushed through and ran anyway.

But here I am now, after my first run in several weeks and its was awesome. I pushed through parts that were fought but I did it and I feel freaking awesome… sweaty but awesome and I am once again motivated to continue my healthy path. What was seriously gratifying to me however is that just yesterday I went hiking on the Blue-ridge Parkway – Humpback Rocks (according to the sign 40 minutes of walking) … I for sure thought my muscles were going to yell at me – but I missed running.

If you really want to change your habits or follow your dream bad enough, you will find motivation or rather motivation will find you because you will find ways to make it happen.

Want to start a business – say it out loud, write it down – you will find the answers to what you want to do and your mind will slowly begin the work to make it all happen.

You want to eat healthier and be more physical fit – write it down – set some concrete goals of what it looks like for you and what it means. You will slowly create new habits and change the ones you want to remove from your life.

Consider this your kick in the butt to get motivated!

What do you want to do?


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