Do you sometimes wonder what in your life needs attention and where your mind overshadows all the things?

Do you wonder what is ready to burn down and what will ignite within you to go the next step?

Do you wonder what adventure is opening up for you and what message you can take with you?

Spring is always a time of rebirth and the tears you’ve shed over the past few months have cleared the path for what is ready to emerge.

It’s time to ditch the rules of society and tune into your instinctual cues and let the spirit of the wolf be your teacher. This can lead to confusion and when you feel this way, this is not the time to make decisions.

But with faith and grace, you are ready to emerge. Let by instinct, feel the sensation in your body and make space for it to connect to your mind. Together they will know what to do. Even if you are experiencing a time of confusion, use it to be still and patient. When body, soul, and mind connect and you allow the flow to move you, you will feel no resistance but know in every fiber of your being that everything is as it should be.

Connect during this time with music, art, and nature to activate your senses. Don’t be afraid of physical touch when you feel the need to be held. Connect with your inner self and allow yourself the space you need for that deep connection your soul craves.

It’s easy to seek sanctuary in places that you think are safe but you always have a place of peace within you that is your sanctuary and the time has come for you to find this place out in nature. Go find the trails, the meadows, and the mountains to seek that physical space for you.

Because this is the time to release shame so you can uncover who you really are. Look at the stories you tell yourself and find compassion for the child within you. Take time to acknowledge the stories, write a letter to yourself and ugly cry if you need to. And then rewrite this letter with compassion and understanding so you can take every opportunity to heal this shame and remember the innocent child within you.


 Want to tune into your inner Rebel and embrace what she wants you to know.

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