It only takes one person to help you feel confident and believe

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It only takes one person to help you feel confident and believe.

When I was 14, I failed at life quite miserable. I skipped school for 3/4 of the year, ran away from my foster home, threatened violence to social workers for interfering with my life.

I was quite angry at the world for having abandonment me and rejected me from my parents, to foster family and even people I thought were my friends.

Except there was this one social worker. She was different in character. She was just a short little lady, who had wedges on all her shoes. Rain boots, sneakers – you name it had a wedge on it to make her taller. Her make-up was typical 70’s disco with eyebrow liner and all but she was caring, compassionate and just real with everyone.

At the end of 8th grade, after just having picked up by the police for running away, we had a heart to heart.

“Petra”, she said, “you’re not stupid. You’re everything but that and my wish if for you to see your own potential and realize that you are not your parents. And that you can achieve whatever it is you want and set your mind too”.

It’s like she could see into my soul and my heart and tell me exactly what it is I needed to hear. For someone to believe in me!

I graduated high school at 15 in the top 10% of the entire 9th-grade year. (German school system in case you are wondering). I had given it my all that year. I raised my hand in class, I did all my assignments with above the requirements.

But something else happened during that year. A shift in my own being and the person I wanted to be but I had yet to discover.

I am so grateful for this lady coming into my life and being with me just at the right time. She is in my head every time I doubt myself or find it hard to believe in my mission or even as a parent.

Who in your life has shown you that they believe in you when it is just a bit too hard to do so for yourself?



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2 thoughts on “It only takes one person to help you feel confident and believe

  1. Wow, what a hard childhood you had. That must have been awful. Good for you in overcoming it and I am glad someone was able to connect with you to help.

    I really don’t know who has been there for me, everyone in alternating patterns? I suppose one of my oldest friends, who was there for me when I was 16 and lost my close cousin. She was amazing at helping me through the grief.

    1. It was challenging and hard at times but every experiences brought me today and I was able to learn and grow from everything. We do have that one person in our life, wether long-term or short-term that supports us in their own way. I’m glad you had someone for you!

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