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Deciding to be single and providing for my boys alone was risky on my part and I was filled with self-doubt and fear, despite the fact of all my previous achievements.

What if I don’t make enough money?

What if I don’t have enough time for my kids?

What if my kids get sick? Who will be there for me? How can I then still work and earn money?

Fearful questions consumed my mind and I was unable to move forward for a while. But then I did a reality check because I had overcome the fear of losing my child to complications from a liver transplant. Which means I have the courage to live on my own, even though I had done very little of this in my lifetime.

But I knew that to be in complete alignment with life and grow to be the person I am and needed to be I had to spread my wings.

So, I pulled my big girl pants on and took action in increments.

  1. Deal with your mindset

Our mindset is often what keeps us stuck. Self-doubt, worthiness, not being enough can all be addressed by journaling and questioning the validity of our thoughts. Affirmations are a great way to turn negative thinking to positive statements about ourselves.

  1. Start at the beginning

Taking action can be overwhelming when the sole focus is the big picture. Break it down into small achievable steps. There is no overnight success just putting one foot in front of the other will help you achieve your dream.

  1. Every step counts

You can still be afraid and take action. When I stepped out on my own I did what’s necessary to secure the income I needed to provide for my boys, despite the fluctuation that happens in business, which will still bring fear about occasionally. I do a lot of rinses and repeat the action to overcome self-doubt.

  1. Taking action increases your confidence

With every step, you take, celebrate it. Tune into how it feels and notice the confidence increase as you get closer to your goal.

I know I can provide for my boys and I know I am in complete in alignment with who I am, despite the challenges I may face as a single mother.

So, what actions can you take to overcome your fear?