How long will you wait, in order to live your life?

Why do we wait for retirement to do after the dreams we have always had?

Why not today? Why not now?

And everything you are saying now in your head is an excuse.

Need money?

Make some!

Don’t know how?

Get creative!

I have done this myself for the longest time. I told myself that I can’t or couldn’t because I didn’t have the money to create the life I wanted.

What I really needed to do is get clear what I wanted my life to look like and what my dream like means to me.

My dream is to have my businesses (yes, I have 3 because I believe in diversifying and as a multi-passionate person, boredom strikes easily). But by having those businesses, I am also being able to share my message: Dream, Believe, Take Action because you can have what you want.

My dream is to be the best parent I can be and that kind of parent, in my mind, is available to the kids. To be able to take them to doctor’s appointments without guilt, to spend time with them playing poker on a Friday night for fun.

My dream is to have the freedom to work with clients on the days I choose while I may work on my other business on different days. To have the freedom to dress how I want, to color my hair, to have piercing and tattoos.

My dream is to define my life by simply being myself.

This can be challenging when we are taught to follow the norms and rules of graduating high school, getting a college education, dress professionally, go to work every day until retirement and hope to have vacation time in-between.

But somewhere deep down you want to write a book, go on vacation, maybe even start a business.

What is stopping you is not knowing how to do it because there is plenty of information and support available to figure that out.

What IS stopping you is what you are telling yourself about your dream because someone once told you that you can’t and you believed it.

Someone once told you that this kind of thing (book, business, vacation) only happens to other people and you believed it.

Someone perhaps even told you that taking a risk is crazy because it’s so much safer and even normal to follow the rules of society and you believed them BUT something deep down is bubbling up.

Deep down you have hopes and wishes that you want to make happen and be true. And here is where the hard work comes in: Mindset work is everything and if you don’t believe in yourself or your dream, no one else will either.

You are the example of possibility, the image of courage and bravery.

Don’t wait another minute to wait until retirement.

Don’t wait for another second that the right moment will come.

The perfect time is now – and it’s perhaps the only time I would use perfectly.

We must start before we are ready because we will learn everything we need to know along the way.

For today, take a moment and write down all the reasons for why you can’t-do something.

Then challenge those thoughts by rewriting them with all the reasons of why you can.

Affirm to yourself, your mind and your inner being that you have it within you to create the life you want now!

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