This is what happened to me over the summer from a job I had wanted all my life. Because I’m a foster kid who struggled with emotional issues, abandonment and trying to fit it, I knew I would be helping families at risk.

Something in those years as a counselor shifted however and I was no longer aligned with the work that I was doing. I was experiencing burn out and realizing that I wanted to work with people who want to move forward. I wanted to work with people who are ready to stop making excuses and breakthrough those limiting beliefs and thoughts. People who are ready to turn their own dreams into reality who are tired of being stuck in their negative stories from their own childhood.

This meant I had to get out of my own head, but I hung on to this job because as a single mom and special needs mom, I believed I had to hang on to this job for security. But as I learned first-hand, working for someone else is not as secure as we like to think. And by the end of the school year, I really didn’t want to return to the job but instead really started to envision myself 100% self-employed in a self-sustaining coaching business with some social media and web design freelance work, as well as my art.

I secured a few months of financial security but it was still so freaking scary because I still doubted my abilities to turn my own dream into the absolute reality.

In my job, I didn’t feel adequately supported, made to feel guilty when I needed to take my son to his doctor appointments and rather felt used for being so overly committed to the families I worked with. I was referred to “Girl Friday”, you know the one that goes above and beyond her duties.

In the end, I dreaded going to work, especially during the winter month when my kids were home from school for snow days and I still was expected to show up. I dreaded going to work because I felt that people around me didn’t really understand what it is I did because they couldn’t see the progress in my clients.

And here I was, wanting nothing more than to have the freedom and adventure of being an entrepreneur knowing that I could be the kind of mom I wanted to be, present and available to their needs and set my own schedule according to my own personal needs and wants. I created the freedom to set my own schedule, work a select number of hours a day and plan the road trips I want to take – with or without my kids!

Not everyone supported me in this decision and whether my former boss knows it or not, being fired was her greatest support for me. It was like I was being released from the claws of the thing that held be back. In addition, my best friend fully supported me and continues to believe in me 100% – and others have come along the way.

The beautiful part is that I have not looked back nor do I feel any shame of being fired because it would have dragged out the inevitable – being an entrepreneur is in my bones.

Who has supported you in your journey of detaching from being employed to having a self-sustaining business?

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