actionGoing after your dreams takes action, sometimes it takes a lot of every day to the grind kind of action.

Massive action taking is awesome and necessary when you want to achieve a goal. What is not awesome is when you burn out and you have not given yourself time to rest and recharge.

So how on earth do you balance all of that when your biggest desire is to see your dream be a real thing?

1. Get super clear on your goal and the actions

Having clarity on your goal will often help you figure out what your steps are. And if they don’t become clear then you can create a mind-map or brainstorm 20 actions that will lead to the goal. Once you have those pieces figured out, look at those steps and see what your first step is and the steps that follow.

2. Don’t try to climb the mountain in one day

To maintain momentum and keeping focused on your goal, don’t try to do it all in one day. No one starts off running a marathon without proper training and no one climbs a mountain in one day. Create a plan and a deadline that allows you to take downtime. Schedule 1-3 actions a day or maybe 5 activities a week. Use the deadline to help you decide how many actions a day/week you will need to take.

3. Make room for some fun and downtime

Frustrations often happen because we forget to have fun or enough downtime. Our mind and body need time to rest, recharge and recover. Getting enough sleep is super important and just a healthy thing to do. Having fun helps us find new ideas and inspiration, because let’s be honest, sometimes in our brainstorming, we miss a step, which also leads to frustration.

You can achieve your goals given the right amount of balance, not doing too much but also doing enough.  The moment you are feeling frustrated may just be the moment you need to step away. The moment you are unmotivated may be the time you need to have some fun or talk to someone.

Remember Rome wasn’t built overnight!

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