Hiring a coach vs. doing it yourself

I am the girl of DIY, hands down. 80% of what I know is because I am self-taught and I have this knack of hyper-focusing on something to learn it and know it.

But even I know that occasionally I need an outsider to push me forward. I say push because I am quite self-motivated but even I get stuck sometimes.

So why would you hire a coach?

Well, do you know an athlete at the Olympics that doesn’t have a coach? I haven’t heard of one and there are some pretty incredible things happening in Rio this year.

And that is why you want to hire a coach, to make some pretty incredible things happening in your life or business.

A coach will help you

  • see give you a different perspective
  • challenge you to get out of your comfort zone
  • be accountable to yourself – and them because you don’t want to disappoint

The challenge is knowing what kind of a coach you want and or need. Just this morning I got off a client call and because I am a wee bit unconventional, she shared with me how she was so excited with goosebumps because I made it possible for her to give herself permission to do things her way.

I simply held space, shared some options with her and helped her identify what she wanted to focus on this week. She had her strategy within 30-minutes and then we had space to have a conversation, to share and to just explore other possibilities.

This is what a coach can do for you if you allow for it.

When you are looking for a coach, get on the phone with them, 

talk to them and get to know each other. 

All the social media presence, website information, and testimonials are awesome but there is no better way of knowing if you want to work with someone unless you get on the phone with them.

If you liked to get to know me and see how I can potentially help you, schedule yourself for a free 30-minute call (the link will send you to my scheduler).

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