Are you going to join the “Say YES” Revolution?

My friend Amy, is the “Say Yes” motivator and creator of the revolution. I met Amy through a Facebook group a few years ago and then later met her in person during a workshop.

During our knowing each other, I saw her go after things. Some heartbreaking to me but knowing she was on her way to step into her own power.

  • I saw her do things that made her uncomfortable.
  • I watched her do things that made her push towards her dreams.
  • I observed her stepping into her own power and to create and to go after what she wants.

And then she made it happen. Quite without a parachute just “Said yes to herself” and is now coaching and teaching others to say yes to themselves. And I am so incredibly grateful for being her friend, because she too is helping me say Yes to myself, more often than not.

Here’s a bit more about her (from her website)

I work with men and women who are feeling stuck and desperately want to move forward and aren’t sure how.  

I teach, support, encourage and inspire you to Say Yes to YOU by identifying what makes you happy, making healthy choices, listening to your body and conquering your fears to align your heart, body, and mind. 

What does Saying yes mean? It means Saying yes, it means saying no, it means asking yourself, the best version of yourself, the self that wants you to do great things, how you feel, how you really feel and then going for it, one small step at a time.  It’s changing your mindset about where you stand in this world and making decisions based upon YOU.

I love Amy and the way she is showing up. I serisouly love everything about her and her work.

I love her workshops she is bringing to the community and that is really why I am writing to you to let you know about them! And maybe I am a little bias because I will be presenting one of those workshops.

Here line up is

  • Say Yes to Your Body- July 30th at 4pm in Eldersburg, MD
  • Say Yes to Your Breath- August 27th at Glenwood Acupuncture and Healing Arts, Glenwood, MD
  • Say Yes to Meditation and Self-Awareness- September 24th Silver Spring, MD
  • Say Yes to Your Dreams – October 29th, Location TBD
  • Say Yes to Yoga- November 12th, Catonsville, MD
  • Say Yes to Eating for Nourishment – December 3rd, Location TBD
  • Say Yes to Writing- January 7th, Location TBD

For more information visit

I encourage you to visit her website, join her Facebook Group We are saying Yes and help her continue with her revolution!

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