Get your head right and get into the damn game of life

Do you want to know how many times I hear why someone can’t do something?

And every single time, I call bullshit, because that is exactly what it is.

Isn’t it time to get your head out of your ass.

I mean, our past does not define who we are and what we can achieve.

We define that.

We dictate on whether we are going to write that book, get that dream job or have these amazing businesses.

BUT if you keep telling yourself that you don’t deserve it, that you are not worthy, you will not achieve all those dreams bottled up inside. And seriously, is that how you want to live?

Life is so much bigger than the stories we tell ourselves. We, not the little kids told to be silent, playing quietly in the corner. We are not children anymore, we don’t have to stay well-behaved because we might cause a ruckus.

It is time to step out of the damn shadows of your past and stand in the light and shine your spirit into this world. Be energetic and excited about the possibilities but for crying out loud stop talking about how miserable your childhood was.

Enough is enough.

Time whining and complaining about the way things are right now because you know what, you have a damn choice.

Decide to change.
Commit to the change!
Do the change!

All that fear and self-doubt is just extra noise keeping you stuck on that treadmill going nowhere when instead you could be running that marathon amongst beautiful trails and mountainside and.

Imagine getting into your car with a destination and driving down the best route ever with amazing places to visit and delicious food along the way. This, my friend, is living, not talking about how bad you were treated by mom or dad.

Trust me I get it. Did I grow up in foster care remember? But hanging onto my mom and dad’s stories, and all that other shit doesn’t do me any good. It’s wasted energy on things I cannot change. Instead I choose to be the best me and have the best life I can envision and of course make happen.

I can’t change your life for you.

You must be committed and willing to look at the cold hard truth of your so-called baggage and allow yourself to be challenged, so you can step into that damn power and finally take control of your life.

So, what’s it going to be, living a life in which you are stuck and procrastinate to going after what you want, or a life of going after your dreams and make shit happen?

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