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True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable
David Tyson Gentry

All too often our own baggage stops us from developing true friendships. We are afraid to share thoughts and to be vulnerable with people. It has taken me a long time to be comfortable with myself… and I think when we learn how to do that… then we are comfortable with allowing others into our space a little more.

Sometimes it takes a very big conscious effort to not only say Hi on a friend’s Facebook page, or send them a message to see how they are. It’s a lot easier to ignore such things rather than attempting to make the effort.

We engross ourselves with fear of rejection… not being liked… being made fun off… being gossiped about


Be comfortable. Make the effort – it will pay off eventually.

Be true. Be vulnerable. Be who you are.

Breaking down these walls will make you a better person (at least I think so).

It takes hard work and effort on your part.

And in those moments where you can hang out… not having to speak … and feel like you need to fill the silence… it will feel good… not awkward.

It is what I’m going for!