Friday Evening Reading Corner – October 7, 2016


I missed doing the reading corner and so here we are back at it again. This week has been all about recovery for me, taking care of myself and that good old chest cold. I started to feel better around Wednesday and am trying to not jump all in again but I am excited as I am creating a 2017 Workbook right now and it has most of my attention, except for my clients of course.

Anyway, without further ado, here are this weeks posts worth checking out.

Too neat or not too neat – this is great! I am somewhere in between being a complete mess or complete neat freak. I have a slight case of OCD when things are not being put back in their place or people don’t clean up after themselves. But I think there is no black and white for creatives, some of us need to clean, some of us not so much and some of us live in the middle.

Who’s that girl – ooh I love this one because I know all about losing myself and forgetting who I am at my core because life happens. These past few years, I definitely have been on the search for my inner child and become that woman she always dreamed about being.

Importance of Celebrating yourself regularly – another good one and something I always talk to my clients about because we legitimately forget to honor ourselves, take care of ourselves and give us a celebration of who we are.

I hope you enjoyed this and be sure to leave a comment on their blogs, they’ll totally appreciate it.

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