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to help you forge your own path!


Join my Facebook Group “The Rebel Incubator“.

This is for you if you think outside of the box, feel you don’t fit it, have a gazillion ideas and need help getting things done. 

This is a community to support you. A place and space to be real about the excuses with zero judgment and an openness to receive help.

So if you are struggling to make time for your goal, have clarity about what you want to create, take consistent action and deciding on what you want to do, then this is it the place.

Journaling & Affirmations

If you think self-love, confidence and self-acceptance aren’t possible for you, think again!

Affirmations are powerful tools for helping you replace negative inner chatter with a more supportive thought.

Every week, you will receive an affirmation in your inbox to explore, ponder and reflect upon, to guide you into the direction of a life that feels good, rather than a life that doesn’t.

You know that if you just have a way to get started on positivity, you could improve your life that has you feeling confident and empowered.

By journaling or repeating the affirmation a few minutes a day you are rewiring your brain to think differently.

Journal for 

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Discovery
  • Self-Love

Everything you uncover and discover about you will lead you to the person you are and want to become. 

Unearth the patterns that no longer serve you to let them go and develop new ones to strengthen what is good in you and your life. 

You will receive weekly journaling prompts via email!

Come along with me to find the courage to forge your own path.


Want to get more things done and have fun doing it?

Discover how I plan and stay focused on my to-do’s with ease and fun!

Go Get it!

If you are ready to take charge of your life, it’s time to take charge of your thoughts!

It all lies within your core beliefs and it’s time that you believe you are good enough, deserve what you desire and you are amazing to make it happen!

Let’s make it happen!



Give yourself permission to love yourself, to be yourself, to trust yourself, to be honest with yourself, to forgive yourself, to be your best friend.

I am ready!

Remove overwhelm and procrastination and start taking action with confidence.

Let’s do this!