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For creatives, dreamers, and rebels who are tired of living in the box and ready to forge their own path, doing what they love and achieving their goals.

This workbook is completely based on my book “Forge your own Path”!

You will find all of the action steps mentioned in the book, ready for you to print out and fill in. Therefore, it makes the perfect companion to the actual book, so you can follow it along as you read through - or come back to it when you are done reading the book!

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Forging your own path is framework to read, learn and mold from. It’s part of the blueprint that you use to map out the adventure of a life time. It's knowing that even the best laid out plans, sometimes fail. It's embracing the challenges and detours along the way.
But it is not the know it all answer to solving your problems, another possible solution to forge your own path. More than anything else, it's becoming who you are, by undoing who you think you should be. It's defining your own rules and follow your own ideas, because that next one could change your life.

Forge your own path Workbook

Forge your own path front cover

You are one decision away to make your vision come alive!

This is the companion of my latest Book "Forge your own Path", now available on Amazon!

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