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Focus on the progress and persistence is key to your success!

Since dealing with IEP meetings for the last 8 years that is without the doubt my biggest takeaway.

There was a time I focused on where my son was rather than seeing where the progress has been. I focused on where I was rather than the recognizing the progress I made in my own self-awareness and personal development.

Yes, we need to recognize where we are and take stock on the self-awareness but knowing that each decision we have made was the best decision for us in every moment, allows you to meet yourself and others with compassion.

My son graduated from speech therapy and for a kid who used to be non-verbal transitioned into selective mutism and now talks your ear off (not literally) who dare I ignore the progress he has made. Progress happens when we put one foot in front of the other, take a little step each day.

When we focus on where we are instead of the progress, we are denying ourselves to acknowledge the work we put in towards becoming who we are and creating the life we want. Focusing on the negative will never allow for true progress. Persistence – I think we own this part. Never giving up and always pushing through and forward… this is our element of success.

And this is where persistence is so key.  Never giving up and always pushing through and forward… this is our element of success.

And this is key in creating the life you want, the business you want to have, the book you want to write – and just going after that dream lurking deep within.

By focusing on progress and the positive results you are supporting yourself, working on your mindset and the results, they will show up.

Trust and Believe it!

And it all starts with the vision quest


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