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A blissful lifeWith only 15 days left in the year, I like most people reflect on the year and all the things we have accomplished. There as a time, however, I would be sad and frustrated about ALL the things I didn’t do that I had planned on doing. It was just a few years ago that I realized how that focus on the negative was not helpful to my mood and overall well-being.

It took some work to recognize that holy cow I did manage to do a lot and with each year I became more focused. In December 2013, I sat down and reflected on my year but I also decided about the things I would do in 2014. I must tell you that I did A lot of what was on my list but there are also some items I didn’t do for one reason or another. However, instead of focusing on what I didn’t do, it’s been incredibly helpful to look at the list of what I did and just sit with it and take it all in.

And some of those things I have done are big while others are just little things. I tell you that I had totally intended on publishing my book in May of 2014 and no it did not happen and there are many reasons why, the biggest one, however, it wasn’t ready to be. That’s ok! Knowing that it is okay is sometimes half the battle because we only ever do what we are meant to do at the right moment. I now have slated the book to be published January 20th, 2015 and nothing has felt righter!

When I focus on what I accomplished, well I (finally) started what I feel passionate about, which is help mamma’sĀ and interested folks cultivate their own dreams, turn them into goals and make things happen.

I consistently made my car payment on time! Finances had been a struggle for many years due to messages I had learned when I was much younger. Being able to work on my “stuff” has been super helpful and I no longer feel like I can’t survive.

I made the income I set out I wanted to make – and this next to starting my business – is a huge deal for me. I created a vision and set a goal. My mind went on auto-pilot and created ways on how I could earn the amount I had intended. Halfway through the year, I realized that I achieved my money goal.

I have also become the parent I wanted to be and really am stepping into my own person and speaking my own voice. There have been some trials and troubles along the way with some hearts being hurt but I was met with some understanding and it really has been the best thing for me. I am slowly healing some of my wounds that I have carried around with me for so long and in the process, I am finding my voice.

All those things are big to me and I am celebrating all the accomplishments. Never mind about what I didn’t do because you know that there is 2015 and it’s already jam-packed with goals, action plans, and timelines.

By creating your vision and creating goals that align with appropriate and doable actions steps you can do the same things to move forward to grow your incredible life.