There are 3 obstacles getting in your way to creating the life you want and make the changes to achieve it.

1. Knowing what do do

2. Getting Started 3. The inner voice telling you that you can’t!

3. The inner voice telling you that you can’t!

What has consistently helped me over the years to achieve my goals and the life I wanted is to have a clear vision and why I want to achieve it. And then have someone guide me and even tell me what to do!

Sometimes you just need someone to tell you what you need to do!

I’ve been able to help people get the clarity they need to get unstuck and guide them into the actions that will help them achieve their goal.

It’s easy to say you want to have

  • Better relationships
  • Set boundaries
  • Improve your well-being
  • Start a business
  • Write a book

And then spend an endless amount of hours reading blog posts or books while watching people do the things you would love to be doing!

5 Minutes to freedom is the program that helps you get unstuck and leap into action.

And I know that we are all busy people and that spending an hour on the phone every week seems impossible, and that is why I am offering 5-Minutes to Freedom as an email coaching program.

You will receive

Daily Email Access to me throughout the week where we tackle any issues/problems that you are faced with: thoughts, emotions, career, relationships, health and fitness, skill development etc.  

In-depth and detailed responses from me helping you work through issues, overcome blocks, accelerate your development, understand why you are stuck, and offer up distinctions that will drastically change the way you view situations that arise

Resources that will aid in your continued skill building around the issue to prevent it from continuing to occur.

Access to my 90-Day Goal Setting Journey to transform your ideas into achievements!

Your investment for 6 weeks of email coaching is only $247

If you were to book a regular, 60-minute coaching session, it would be $587. With email coaching, you’ll get to ask me all the questions you want for a full month and at an affordable rate.

I only take on 1o clients for this program at any given time. 

Guidelines of the Email Coaching Program

1. Own the program. I’m here to help, but you will guide the conversation with your questions. If you want us to focus on achieving one goal in 6 weeks, that’s great. If instead, you’d like to fire off your most pressing purpose and business questions in no particular order, that’s fine, too. What we talk about will be up to you. You will receive instructions with your first email to me once you sign up.

2. Send only one email per day and one question at a time. Each coaching day, Monday through Friday, you are welcome to send one question that you’d like me to answer. If you send multiple questions, I won’t be able to answer them. Instead, create a running list of questions as they come to you. That way, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the program by asking a question each day. Please know that if your question requires background information, send that with your question! That can help me shape my answer, but do keep your questions clear and concise.

3. Take full advantage of the program. If you don’t send me a question, you won’t hear from me. Again, this is your program. Take advantage of it by sending in a question each coaching day. I will reply to you within 36 hours, usually sooner. If you decide to skip a day and not send in a question, you won’t be able to make it up the following day.

For example, if you didn’t send in a question on Wednesday, you can’t send in two questions on Thursday. Setting a certain time each day to submit questions, like each morning at 9 a.m. or during your lunch break, could help. Remember to keep that running list of questions handy so that you will have a question to ask every single day of your program.

4. Take days off. I want to give you time to process my answers and then take action to get the best results in your life and/or business and your life. Our designated days off will be Saturday through Sunday and any major holidays that occur during our 6 weeks together. We will also take days off when I am out of the office, on vacation or an emergency comes up. If there is anything pre-planned when you sign up, I will be sure to let you know.

Having downtime is actually part of having a productive life and business. When we’re well-rested, we have more energy to get things done. Always being on the go can, however, can lead to burn out and forced time off through sickness. You can’t be your best self when you’re burned out. I’ve tried. It doesn’t work. Please use some of our downtime to process the information I’ve given you and implement it, but also rest. Your brain will thank you.

5. Send clear, concise and realistic questions. To get actionable answers from me, please do not send broad, open-ended questions.
Realize that I’m not all-knowing. Though I’m an experienced small business and life coach, there may be some questions I can’t answer for you. Don’t worry. I won’t leave you hanging. I will let you know that I can’t answer and then try to point you to some resources that can help. These resources can be in the form of a tool, website or a fellow business owner who may be able to help.